ESTJs are logical analytical, decisive and tough minded and are able to organize facts and operations well in advance.

Contributions to the Organization

  • See flaws in advance
  • Critique programs in a logical way.
  • Organize the process products and people
  • Monitor to See if the job is done
  • Follow through in a step by step way

Leadership Style

  • Seeks leadership directly and takes charge quickly
  • Apply and adapt past experience to solve problems
  • Crisp and direct at getting to the core of the situation
  • Quick to decide
  • Act as traditional leaders who respect the hierarchy
Preferred work Environment
  • Contains hard-working people focused on getting the job done
  • Task Oriented
  • Organized
  • Structured
  • Provides Stability and Predictability
  • Focused on efficiency
  • Rewards meeting goals

Potential Pitfalls

  • May decide too quickly
  • may not see the need for change
  • May overlook the niceties in working to get the job done
  • May be overtaken by their feelings and values if they ignore them too long
Order of Preferences
  1. Thinking
  2. Sensing
  3. Intuition
  4. Feeling


Suggestions for Development

  • May need to consider all sides before deciding, including factoring in the human element .
  • May need to prod themselves to look at the benefits of change
  • May need to make a special effort to show appreciation of others
  • May need to take time to reflect and identify their feelings and values.


Herbert Scholz
Lic. oec. HSG Psychologe
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Extraverted Thinking With Sensing

  • ESTJ people use their thinking to run as much of the world as may be theirs to run. They like to organise projects and then act to get things done. Reliance on thinking makes them logical, analytical objectively critical, and not likely to be convinced by anything but reasoning.
  • They tend to focus on the job, not the people behind the job.
  • They like to organized Facts, situations, and operations related to a project, and make a systematic effort to reach their objectives on schedule. They have little patience with confusion or inefficiency and can be tough when the situation calls for toughness.
  • They think conduct should be ruled by logic and govern their own behavior accordingly. They live by a definite set of rules that embody their basic judgments about the world. Any change in their ways requires a deliberate change in their rules.
  • They are more interested in seeing present realities than future possibilities. This makes them matter-of-fact. practical, realistic, and concerned with the here-and-now. They use past experience to help them solve problems and want to be sure that Ideas plans, and decisions are based on solid fact.
  • They like jobs where the results of their work are immediate, visible and tangible. 
  • They have a natural bent for business, industry, production, and construction. They enjoy administration. where they can set goals, make decisions, and give the necessary orders. Getting things done is their strong suit.
  • Like the other decisive types, ESTJs run the risk of deciding too quickly before they have fully examined the situation. They need to stop and listen to the other person's viewpoint, especially with people who are not in a position to talk back.
  • This is seldom easy for them. but if they do not take time to understand. they may judge too quickly- without enough facts or enough regard for what other people think or feel.
  • ESTJs may need to work at taking feeling values into account. They may rely so much on their logical approach that they overlook feeling values-what they care about and what other people care about.
  • If feeling values are ignored too much, they may build up pressure and find expression in inappropriate ways. Although ESTJs are naturally good at seeing what is illogical and inconsistent, they may need to develop the art of appreciation.
  • One positive way to exercise their feeling is to appreciate other people�s merits and ideas. ESTJs who make it a rule to mention what they like, not merely what needs correcting, find the results worthwhile; both in their work and in their private lives.