Dear Mr. Constantin Parlavantzas
Zürcherstrasse 117
CH-5400 Baden Switzerland

Thank you for Your letter of Inquiry for the Position as an engineer in our company

Now we are Providing opportunities to foreign engineers,

And we need more information to examine possibility of your joining us.

So we would like to ask you as follows:

How long do you in you intend to work in our company
How much salaries do you want?
How good is your Japanese?
Please show us your detailed Personal information. (such as , date of birth your family and so on)
Do you have relatives or friends in Japan?
How do you think about your accommodation In Japan?
Our company is an engineering company and primarily responsible for designing the reactor Power Plants and supporting utilities for licensing nuclear Power plant, etc. Are you interested in engineering or analysis type work rather than research . although we have a lot of development work,
One of Possible assignments in our company is severe accident analysis of Pressurised water reactors for instance by Using MAAP code developed In IDCORE program or other code and related simulation code development Are you interested in such type of work
Do you have any chance to cone to Tokyo?

Please ask us freely if you have any other conditions.

Looking forward to hearing good news from you,

Yours sincerely,


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